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free URL shortening service | tiny urls


free URL shortening service is a free URL shortening service, a web service that provides short aliases for redirection of long URLs with local .ae and international extensions.


  1. Powerful Dashboard:
    One dashboard to manage everything.
    Our dashboard lets you control everything.
    Manage your URLs, create bundles, manage your
    splash pages and your settings, all from the same dashboard.
  2. Complete Analytics:
    Track each and every user who clicks a link.
    Our system allows you to track everything.
    Whether it is the amount of clicks, the country
    or the referrer, the data is there.
  3. Password Protect:
    Set a password to protect your links from unauthorized access.
  4. Custom Alias:
    Your link can instantly have a cool and memorable
    address by adding custom alias.
  5. Geotarget:
    Geotarget your links to redirect visitors to
    specialized pages and increase your conversion.
  6. Developer API:
    Shorten URLs from your site using an API.
  7. Export URLs:
    You can export your URLs along with a summary of the stats as CSV.

Privacy Policy:
Our Services are primarily designed to help you share information with the world. Most of the information you provide to us is information you are asking us to make public. Open URL Shortener only collect information like your IP Address, browser version and OS version to share analytics about the links you share on this service, if you are signed in with a Twitter account your profile and the links you share are publicly available on your profile page on this site.

We check submitted URLs and user IP addresses against blacklists to help prevent spam. These blacklists may be operated by third parties.
URLs shortened by our website are not private and should not be treated as such. Third parties could easily guess the short URL that you are using, so you should not use Open URL Shortener to link to sensitive or secure data.

Anonymous statistics on shortened URLs you create (such as number of visits to them, creation date etc.) are private and will be made available to your cpanel.

Third party advertising may be included on the site. Such advertisers may use technologies such as cookies or web beacons which may allow them to access information such as your IP address, ISP, browser etc. to be used in the course of displaying advertising or selecting advertising to display.

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