Nugm Online music and radio stations

nugm online music

Nugm Online music and radio stations

Nugm Online music and radio stations

Listen to you favorite songs and radios, create your own playlist, follow what your friends are listening to, and be updated on trending music with Nugm Online Music and Radios.

You can easily search for your favorite songs, artists, albums and even other nugm users.
You can easily create playlists and put unlimited songs for your modes.
Play in background and continue to read books, surf on internet, work-out etc..

Let’s do it :
√ Search music, artists, albums, playlist, radios and nugm users
√ Follow your friends who are using nugm and listen to their own playlist
√ Play Stream music and your favorite radio station
√ you can make owner playlists and have a customized cover photo for it.
√ you can download all of your favorite songs for free.
√ Enjoy your favorite songs wherever your are, also completely for free!

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